Monday, December 22, 2008

Our crazy weekend and more

Well on Friday it was Sean's last day for this semester and now he's on his 2 week break with me! HOORAY!!!! I love having him around! I cant wait 'till summer! On Saturday we went to the doctor for Sean's ear infection that he let go on for almost 2 weeks, they said it was 50-75% swollen shut!! They gave him some ear drops and sent us on our way. We then went over to Erin’s house (Sean’s sister) and made gingerbread houses. It was WAY fun!! I had never made one before so it was really neat to be able to make one of my own. We then went to church on Sunday and talked with the bishop and found out that everything is on track and that all of our records are getting sorted out. The date that we’ve set for us to go to the Temple is March 20th. I cant wait!! That date gives our records plenty of time to get sorted out and fixed… Along the way our records were lost… long story!... Then Joan let us take a 2 ½ hour nap! Can you believe that? I don’t remember the last time I was able to take a nap. A nice LONG nap. When we woke Sean’s ear was killing him so after a few hours it looked 100xs worst. His face was really swollen and his ear appeared to be all the way swollen shut. I finally convinced him that he needed to go back to the doctor so we did. We got there and the doctor on the duty said that he had never seen anything like his ear before because it was just so badly swollen and infected. The doctor on Saturday said that there wasn’t any infection behind the eardrum but the new doctor wasn’t so sure and now that it was totally swollen shut there was no way for the medication to get into the ear. So we got referred on to the ER for Sean to have some blood work done and a CT scan to see if the infection had reached his mastoid bone. Everything came back normal thank goodness because the only way to treat a bone infection is by having intravenous antibiotics administered for an extended amount of time. And with Sean having deadly allergies to penicillin and codeine that puts a damper on the medications that he can take because almost everything is in the family of one or the other. So we got back to the house at 1 in the morning. Thankfully Sean’s parents were able to watch Joan. Then today Sean and I went to sign the papers for our house. Now the sellers bank needs to sign and then they’ll hand us the keys. The guy said it should only be 3 days. But with Christmas being this week it will most likely be next Monday that we get the keys and we’ll be in before New Years!!! We are very excited! As for Joan she now has 2 teeth. Can you believe that? She is only 4 months old! My mom is coming for a week starting on January 6th. We are very excited about that!! I never wrote about it but the day after Thanksgiving my dad was in town and he was able to meet Joan for the first time. He got her a bear that she LOVES!! Every time she sees it she smiles and gets all happy. I’m glad that she is a happy baby and she’s ours!! Well that’s all for right now have a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Joan's first tooth broke through yesterday! Its was really crazy because she's always (since day one) loved to suck on her fingers and chew on them and she even loves to chew on other people's fingers too so watch out... she was chewing/sucking on mine all day yesterday and I didn't feel a tooth but last night she was sucking on Sean's finger and he was like there's a tooth!! I didn't believe him so I checked and there it was. he he he It was really exciting!! She'll be 4 months old on 12/20 so in just a few days. we took her to the doctor last week because we thought she had an ear infection because she's just been so fussy none stop - there's was no infection thank goodness and we were told that it was just a head cold (which was highly likely because Sean and I both were sick with one). we also asked could she be teething and she said that Joan was too young for the normal teething stage but I guess not. We weighed her while we were there and she weighed 13 lb 11 oz!! Just under 14 pounds. She's been eating rice now mixed in her milk for about 2 weeks because the formula just wasn't filling her up enough and that seems to have done the trick at least for a while.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To tour our house..

The video was too large to load onto our blog but you can still check it out.... here's the link

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Joan loves to laugh!!!!!!

This is one happy girl!! 

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby Joan

Joan is doing great and is now a few days over the 3 month mark and she’s slept through the night for the past 3 nights!!!! She loves to stand up as long as your holding her hand. She has a tooth that’s trying to come through but she’s too young for that gum numbing ointment (if you give it to them too young then it affects their heart ). She is growing soooo fast!!!!!!!!! We can not imagine our lives with out her sweetness!!


Well that other house that I wrote about a few post down is long gone so we had to go and find another house that we liked just as much this past Saturday. And great news we actually found another one that we LOVED! We put in an offer and on Wednesday at 9 a.m. we should have an answer a yes, no or maybe. Apparently there was a cash offer but it doesn’t look like they’re going to accept it (we think that they offered way less then its listed for). These are the things that we have going for us where they would want us to buy it rather then the other cash people: On Saturday we put down more then the usual amount in earnest money and we’re going to be putting quite a LOT down as down payment at COE (close of Escrow). It will be a loan where they will make interest vs a cash offer the price that its listed at and they agree on is the amount that the bank would get and nothing more. We have excellent credit. I have a score of 778 and Sean has a score if 826 and we have no other debts so we’re a REALLY good “risk” for the bank to take. We forgot to take video of this one so there aren’t any movies to watch. Here is the link to see the house. Please pray that we get this one! And if we do get the ok on Wednesday then our closing date will be December 17th or sooner and as of today that’s just 3 weeks and 2 days until we move into our own place!! And Sean’s 2 weeks of Christmas break start on Saturday the 20th so perfect moving time and a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Also this is the update on us going to the Temple: For some reason our disciplinary council results were never filed with the
church. Our bishop said it could take 3-4 weeks for it to be filed and then for him to get it!! Its already been 2 weeks so we're at-least half way there!! So we're thinking its going to be December 13 or later before we to go to the Temple but I want to wait till after we get into our own place that way the people that are coming from out of town will have a place to stay. Things happen for a reason and its really neat to actually see that being unfolded so we understand.

PS We're also going to wait until then to bless Joan.

this is the house that we're hoping to buy!!

We're hoping that this is still on the market on December 1st when we reapply for the loan. We got approved already but because it hadn't been reported to the credit agencies that we've paid everything off we would have had like a 20% interest rate and we would have had to buy at least 3 points which are about $1,500 each. That 20% interest rate that we were quoted is with us both having over a 720 credit score so it didn't matter that our credit was already amazing. But if we wait until December 1st to apply then we'll most likely get at 6.5% interest rate. But if this exact house isn't there then thats ok because there are a lot of houses in this amazing neighborhood. This house was built in 2003 and in 2005 it sold for over $250,000 but now its listed at $115,000 and its still in brand-new condition! which is awesome!! Plus we're going to be able to put almost $20,000 down!! So our monthly mortgage payment will be about $750 - thats what we were going to be paying for rent! --- I'm not sure if I've already written about this in the blog already but just incase I hadn't now you know whats going on and why we're still living with Sean's family - which by the way they are AWESOME!!

Here is the link:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Little Encouragement!

Well, we just got back from the adult session of Stake Conference. It was really great. We had been feeling a little discouraged about the recent developments in our housing situation (we need to wait another month until all of the debts we have paid off get reported to the credit agencies.) The message tonight was about weathering life’s storms. We felt encouraged and that we could make it through the wait…waiting for our own place to live has been difficult mainly because of the time I spend on the road away from Loriel and Joan. I drive around two hours each day, and have to leave really early to avoid traffic. So it adds up to a lot of time away from home which is hard on all of us. But we feel rejuvenated and ready to submit cheerfully to what the Lord wants us to do, and make the most of it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We might be buying a house!!!

Ok some amazing things have happened where we're going to be 100% debt free by the end of the month!! No more credit card debts, no more car loan debts WE'RE HOME FREE!!! So instead of moving into the apartments next month when they're finished being built we're looking into buying our very own house!! We want to be smart buyers so right now we're doing our research on what we need to know... We haven't decided 100% either way but what an option that a lot of people dont have just one year after they're married. How blessed we are!!

Joan has expensive taste!!

Ok so for the last few weeks its been really difficult especially for Joan. She had been having colic systems... She had so much gas that she would crunch up her legs and cry bloody murder if she were moved. There was also spitting up all of the time even with the meds that the doctor gave her... yes babies do spit up but there is a fine line where its the normal amount or an excess. Her face was also always red but we didn't put all of the symptoms together until we went back to the doctor. We first tried switching her food from the soy to gentle ease and that too made her really sick so we went back to the doctor and turns out that Joan has food allergies (we already knew that because she was allergic to my milk) so she's now on Similac Alimentum hypoallergenic formula. Its $25 for a 14 oz can that last about 3-4 days!! But its worth it, she's doing so much better - her rash on her face is completely gone and she now is a happy baby!! :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're going to the TEMPLE! and Joan slept through the night!!

Ok so we met with our bishop this past Sunday and he said there shouldn't be any problem with us going to the Temple!! He isn't sure if we have to wait exactly until October 22 to be back in full fellowshipment which is when we had our councils last year or if we can do it sooner. He said that in the manual it says about a year, maybe they were just extra strict in happy valley to discourage people from messing up and then only having to wait to go to the Temple a few short months later. So we don't have a date yet but we're looking at October 25th or November 1st to get sealed if we get the ok that way on Sunday, November 2nd Sean can bless Joan at church. It will most likely be November 1st that way the people that are coming from out of town can attend both. We want to be sealed before Sean blesses Joan. We're very excited!!! Its been a really LONG year and we really just want to go a head and put everything behind us. OH and Joan slept through the night!! That was the first!! She went to bed around 11 last night and slept till 5 then went back to sleep at 7:20ish and she's still down for the count and its 10:10!!! Sleep makes me VERY happy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello there

This wednesday at 7 we have an appointment with our bishop, then we're going out to eat for our anniversary. Just think by the end of next month Sean and I could qualify to go to the TEMPLE!!! Its been a long year but both of us have learned a great deal and have been able to really grow together and a year ago I didn't think that I would ever be able to say this but I am grateful for this learning experience. Joan went to the doctor today... she had to get a shot so she really didn't like it all that much!! Her face turned to violet like the girl from that charlie and the chocolate factory movie. It was so sad!! She now weighs 9lbs 13.5oz and 21 3/4 inches long. The doctor proscribed some medicine to help with her tummy. She seems to have some stomach acid problems and thats why she spits up so much and some times it spews out of her mouth where we both end up soaked. Then she has this love hate relationship with the bottle where she really wants to eat but then starts to cry. The doc says that its to do with the muscle in the stomach that holds down the stomach acid so she's giving her some zertic - I think thats what its called - Sean is going to go get it tonight from the pharmacy. She said that if that doesn't work then she wants to switch her formula. So we'll see. Well Sean should be home any minute so I'll let you go. Happy family home evening night ! love you guys!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We just signed for our own place this past weekend but we aren’t able to move in until they’re finished building, it’s looking like
its going to be around October 15th. It’s a block from Sean’s school out in Avondale. Right now we’re in Mesa, so it’s about an
hour drive both ways for him. So needless to say we’re really looking forward to being in our own place where its so much closer
and we’ll actually get to see each other.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Having a baby went well as expected.. I was induced on Wednesday Aug 20th at 8:30am but Joan wasn't born until 9:59 that night. They were really worried about her all through out the day because she was hardly moving and I wasn't dilating. At 7 I was still at 3 cm which I had been at all day and I still had to reach 10 cm. The dr came in and said that if by 9 if I hadn't made any progress they were going to do a c-section. They came and checked at like 8:45 and I was at 5 cm then shortly after 9:30 I started to feel like I needed to push so the nurse checked and sure enough Joan was on her way. They called in everyone and then shortly there after Joan was born. Here are some videos of her. There are MANY movies that we've made of her but we haven't uploaded them yet. There are a ton of pictures also but again we haven't uploaded them either. if the links on the post below dont work here are the links directly to youtube..

She was born 8 lbs 13 oz and 21 1/2 in long!!! She was almost a 9 lb baby!! HUGE!!!! Everyone, including the dr., was expecting at the max a 8 lb baby but she was almost a full pound more!!!!! Well I should go.. if you want you should subscribe to my youtube account that way whenever I upload the other movies it will let you know.

Joan videos

right after joan being born
our little elf
our little elf vid #2

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still no baby arrival and other stuff

Well as you all are well aware Joan’s due date was this past Monday. Today is Thursday and still no baby. The stork assigned to Joan must be on vacation or something. Its VERY frustrating!!!! I’m done with being pregnant already. Yesterday was my dr appointment and hr said that I’m still fully thinned but still only 1 cm.. so I’m just not dilating. Also, he said that if by Tuesday of next week if still no baby then they’ll induce me, so at least there’s an end insight!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!! He said that when ever he schedules people to be induced they ALWAYS go into labor before then and last night I started having contractions but nothing regular and I’ve had them on and off all day (my stomach muscles are REALLY sore – well whats left of them) so that’s a sure sign that its going to be really soon… I’ve also had some other symptoms but they’re a little much for a blog..

My brother Richard is here in town but leaves tomorrow night. He’s been here all week… waiting. He is being redeployed to Indonesia I think. So he is pretty excited that he only has 10 more months left in the service then he’ll be free. Tami is also here to help me. Sadly she leaves next Thursday. Its been really nice to have her here.

Sean has really been enjoying his new career!! It makes me really glad to see him so happy with what he’s doing and feeling like he’s accomplishing so much! Looks like we’re going to be able to move into our own place by the end of next month with much of our debt paid!! Which means that we’ll be able to buy our own home in the next year or so!! That makes me very happy!!

So anyways that’s whats going on. Wish me luck that Joan will come soon and I’ll try my best to keep this blog as updated as possible.

Monday, July 28, 2008

SEAN GOT A JOB!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Sean got a job!!! About a week before Sean came down here he was searching online looking at all the districts in the valley – there was nothing to be found.. There was a school district up in Goodyear that had nothing posted but Sean felt that he was supposed to call them anyway. He wrestled back in forth with him self saying that there is nothing posted I’m not going to call as ask about something that was clearly not there. So he called and left a voice mail. No one ever called him back. So Sean had been crazy busy filling out applications everywhere.. grocery stores and anywhere that was hiring. It was becoming really discouraging! But we knew that we were promised that Sean would get a job. So on July 23 (Wednesday) there was still no job in site but then around 5:30 or so that night he gets a call from the school district down in Goodyear, they said, “Sorry that I’ve never gotten back to you until now but are you still looking for a job?” Sean of course said yes. She said that she would pass his contact information on to the principal and he’ll call to set up the interview and for Sean to go online and officially apply. We hadn’t heard anything by about 3 on Thursday so Sean called the district back to see if they got the application and to see if the principal had gotten his information. About 2 hours later Sean gets the call for an interview at 9 for the next morning. Also, Goodyear is about 40 miles away.. so he had to leave at 7 because he didn’t know how rush hour was going to be. The interview was over about 11 and he came home and 20 min later he gets a call from the district offering him the job! He is going to be teaching 2D art and ESL (English as a second language). They started him out with 5 years experience so his salary is amazing and so is the insurance!! Today is his first day… they’re going over district policies with all of the new teachers. This job was handed to us on a silver platter! When the Lord promises something and you do your part He will keep His part of the promise. With Sean having this job there will be no need for me to even think about having to go to work. I can be at home, where I’m supposed to be, with our children.

This is actually an entry that I mean to post on 7/22/08

I wanted to tell you all of the amazing blessings that have happened since we decided to follow the spirit and move down here.

1) We were looking at plane tickets for me to fly down to Arizona but everything that we were finding was $175+!! It really stressed us both out – thinking how in the world are we going to be able to afford that plus the expense of actually moving all of our worldly possessions down. We decided to sleep on it to know if we’re supposed to buy that one or what. That night I kept having the thought come to me to look at Tuesday July 8th rather then the other days that we were checking out. So, the next morning we got up and did just that. It was only $72!!! With taxes and all of that jazz it only cost us $88! We saved over $100!!
2) Steve, our landlord, is letting us out of our contract and still is going to give us our deposit back as long as they can have it rented out by the 1st of August but Linda, Steve’s wife, said that she doesn’t think that there should be any problem – they’ve already have a lot of people wanting it.
3) We were able to pack and bring everything down here. The only things that we had to part with were the two couches and the computer desk… all together they cost us a wopping $50 so all in all it was not a big deal.
4) I found a dr down here that accepts my insurance! And so does the hospital that’s right down the road that’s a state of the art facility.
5) We at least have my income still and 6 weeks postpartum at 100% so we at least don’t have to worry about money coming in so it gives us some time until Sean lands a job which I’m not worried about at all because we were told that he would so I’m putting my trust in the Lord.
6) So far Joan is a healthy bun still in the oven.
7) The day before day before everyone was driving up here with all of ur stuff it rained which made things a 100% betting! Sean couldn’t use his A/C because it was to much extra work for his engine along with pulling a tailor. Not once did his truck over heat but when they got here we noticed that the his mud flap by the tail pipe was all melted which meant that there really was no way that his truck should have made it here. So with the rain cooling things off Sean was able to have his windows rolled down for nice really cool air (he said that it was in the high 60’s and low 70’s). By the way if you did not know Sean’s truck is a 94.
8) Every vehicle did AMAZING on gas mileage!! My car got 40 mpg – usually gets an average of about 33-35 max on the highway. Sean’s truck gets 20 mpg usual 13-15 mpg. Logan’s truck got 30 mpg – usual is about 25 mpg. The Lord was defiantly watching out for them on that trip!!

There have been so many blessings poured out to us for moving down here that I can not think of them all right now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Manti Temple Painting

Here's a painting I just finished of the Manti Temple:

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Loriel enjoys icy cold beverages.

Garden and stuff

Things are steadily coming together for our move to AZ. Step 1: getting the teaching certificate. The application is in, and hopefully we’ll soon have it in hand. It’s getting more and more exciting the closer we get to moving…and the closer Loriel is to having Joan and being done with her job. We’ve seen a lot of amazing blessings as we’ve tried to keep the lord’s counsel to have her stay at home. Elder Oaks referred to it in the Worldwide Leadership Training Broadcast, and said: “The lord never said it would be easy, but he has promised us that it would be possible”. We can see his hand in our lives.

On another note we’ve been having fun working in the garden. We went out to weed it last night – those things grow so fast! – and had a lot of fun talking while we worked. Plus we have one grape tomato that is getting ripe…first of the season!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

really cool "whats been going on w/ us"

Here’s a really neat example of what happens when you follow promptings.. We have been really trying to cut down on our spending on everyday stuff like.. groceries.. because its just getting ridiculous on how much food is costing. Sean has planted a garden where we have many different types of tomatoes, one bell pepper plant, and a few different watermelon plants. We’ve also been starting our whole food storage which consist of few odds and ins.. so its very bleak right now. But all the same we’re trying. Sean was in his Priesthood meeting brain storming on other ways that we could be more effective in food storage and one of the things that he though of was if we had a bread maker we could make our own bread instead of spending $20-$25 dollars a month on Farm Bread from Macy’s. So we started shopping around and a good bread maker cost $90! Which is a little much for our budget if you know what I mean. So we decided to just do it and follow the council that the Spirit had given us. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!! Someone bought some stuff of Craig’s list for $20 bucks that we were selling then there was an extra $70 dollars on Sean’s check that we hadn’t budgeted for! WOW!! Then we ordered it off of Amazon with free shipping so it cost us $89.75!! We had .25 cents left! Today we got it in the mail and we’ve named it Walter after that new movie that’s coming out in a few weeks called Wall-E. We’re excited to know how it’ll do. We’re starting our first loaf in it tonight! YUMMY! – one only hopes.

Oh, here’s some really BIG news.. We’re moving to Arizona!! That’s also another example of trying to follow the spirit and getting blessings for it. We were looking for a way that I wouldn’t have to work and could stay home with Joan when she is born because that’s what the prophets have counseled mothers to do. We didn’t know how we were going to do it, it just seemed too difficult. Then we had a talk with Paul and Michelle – not sure if you remember them.. they’re Sean’s aunt and uncle – and we both really felt the spirit that Sean should start teaching high school and that just went a long with lots of other impressions that we’d both gotten. But last time that Sean tried all of the universities just shut him down for trying to get a teaching certificate so it felt like a dead end. So we decided to look into it again even though it seemed impossible and all kinds of doors are opening up! Plus because the way we’ve been trying to live by getting out of debt and all that we could live off of just him making $11 an hour if we lived with his parents. Most likely by the end of next week he can have his certification in Arizona to teach which is both my salary and his combined and we wouldn’t have to live with his parents on a long term basis. There are a few superintendents that are asking for Sean by name to teach in their districts. So he basically already has a job! But being a new teacher he will have to repot there on July 27th but Joan isn’t due until August 11th. So Tami is going to come and stay with me after he leaves because I cant travel after July 1st. Not even to SLC because of my family’s history of how fast labor goes my dr. doesn’t want me all the way in SLC where he cant be there so she’ll have to get here before he leaves so he can pick her up from the air port. I really hope that Sean is able to be here when I have our little girl. I will be really sad if he wasn’t here. So back to moving.. I’m going to be working until Joan comes then I’m going to take my 6 week paid maternity leave and by the end of September we should be all the way moved to Arizona. This is going to be a HUGE adventure for us.. having a baby, moving, making bread..

I’ve been working on a book that you can use for talks and things like that. It’s like a topical guide but inside all of the topics are quotes by general authorities. Example: if you were doing a talk on Faith. You can first go to the scriptures then to my book and get quotes on the topic as well. There are over 175 topics – it takes up two HUGE binders. Its very user friendly because everything is in alphabetically organized. Its taken a long time to put together too.

Friday, June 20, 2008

House Fire! YIKES!!

I guess last night my family's house caught on fire!! everyone’s ok but wow.. here is what John just wrote to me..

We're getting new carpet (finally) and so Tami was doing some painting so she could get it done and not have to worry about getting paint on the new carpet. Anyhow, she left a pile of rags covered in varnish on the floor in our bathroom. At 12:15 am there was a big explosion in there because the rags had spontaneously combusted and the fire caused a can of hair mousse to explode. So I jumped up to see what it was and the bathroom was on fire. I put it out with the hose from the shower but almost was overcome with smoke Luke called 911 and the firemen came and verified that the fire was out and not in the walls and blew most of the smoke out. Anyhow, so this morning I was singing "Tami started the fire" To the tune of "Ryan started the fire" from the Office LOL But if the mousse hadn't exploded we wouldn't have woken up in time. The bathroom door was closed so the smoke alarms wouldn't have gone off until that whole part of the house was in flames.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Loriel's Birthday

Well, tomorrow is Loriel's birthday...time sure has flown since last year! And lot's of changes. We're pretty excited to celebrate on Saturday. Loriel and I both have it off (a pretty rare occurrence -- I've only had 3 Saturdays off since we've known each other. Our plan is to go see a movie, do some family history work, and have all the fun we can together. It's definitely been a great year!

I really like this wedding day pic

This was the BEST day of my life!

here are some more engagement pics

These are my favorite kind of flowers EVER!! Gerber daisies

here are some engagement pics

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Link to see Baby Joan in my tummy

our wedding day

So this is me and Sean on our wedding day September 24, 2007