Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Manti Temple Painting

Here's a painting I just finished of the Manti Temple:

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Loriel enjoys icy cold beverages.

Garden and stuff

Things are steadily coming together for our move to AZ. Step 1: getting the teaching certificate. The application is in, and hopefully we’ll soon have it in hand. It’s getting more and more exciting the closer we get to moving…and the closer Loriel is to having Joan and being done with her job. We’ve seen a lot of amazing blessings as we’ve tried to keep the lord’s counsel to have her stay at home. Elder Oaks referred to it in the Worldwide Leadership Training Broadcast, and said: “The lord never said it would be easy, but he has promised us that it would be possible”. We can see his hand in our lives.

On another note we’ve been having fun working in the garden. We went out to weed it last night – those things grow so fast! – and had a lot of fun talking while we worked. Plus we have one grape tomato that is getting ripe…first of the season!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

really cool "whats been going on w/ us"

Here’s a really neat example of what happens when you follow promptings.. We have been really trying to cut down on our spending on everyday stuff like.. groceries.. because its just getting ridiculous on how much food is costing. Sean has planted a garden where we have many different types of tomatoes, one bell pepper plant, and a few different watermelon plants. We’ve also been starting our whole food storage which consist of few odds and ins.. so its very bleak right now. But all the same we’re trying. Sean was in his Priesthood meeting brain storming on other ways that we could be more effective in food storage and one of the things that he though of was if we had a bread maker we could make our own bread instead of spending $20-$25 dollars a month on Farm Bread from Macy’s. So we started shopping around and a good bread maker cost $90! Which is a little much for our budget if you know what I mean. So we decided to just do it and follow the council that the Spirit had given us. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!! Someone bought some stuff of Craig’s list for $20 bucks that we were selling then there was an extra $70 dollars on Sean’s check that we hadn’t budgeted for! WOW!! Then we ordered it off of Amazon with free shipping so it cost us $89.75!! We had .25 cents left! Today we got it in the mail and we’ve named it Walter after that new movie that’s coming out in a few weeks called Wall-E. We’re excited to know how it’ll do. We’re starting our first loaf in it tonight! YUMMY! – one only hopes.

Oh, here’s some really BIG news.. We’re moving to Arizona!! That’s also another example of trying to follow the spirit and getting blessings for it. We were looking for a way that I wouldn’t have to work and could stay home with Joan when she is born because that’s what the prophets have counseled mothers to do. We didn’t know how we were going to do it, it just seemed too difficult. Then we had a talk with Paul and Michelle – not sure if you remember them.. they’re Sean’s aunt and uncle – and we both really felt the spirit that Sean should start teaching high school and that just went a long with lots of other impressions that we’d both gotten. But last time that Sean tried all of the universities just shut him down for trying to get a teaching certificate so it felt like a dead end. So we decided to look into it again even though it seemed impossible and all kinds of doors are opening up! Plus because the way we’ve been trying to live by getting out of debt and all that we could live off of just him making $11 an hour if we lived with his parents. Most likely by the end of next week he can have his certification in Arizona to teach which is both my salary and his combined and we wouldn’t have to live with his parents on a long term basis. There are a few superintendents that are asking for Sean by name to teach in their districts. So he basically already has a job! But being a new teacher he will have to repot there on July 27th but Joan isn’t due until August 11th. So Tami is going to come and stay with me after he leaves because I cant travel after July 1st. Not even to SLC because of my family’s history of how fast labor goes my dr. doesn’t want me all the way in SLC where he cant be there so she’ll have to get here before he leaves so he can pick her up from the air port. I really hope that Sean is able to be here when I have our little girl. I will be really sad if he wasn’t here. So back to moving.. I’m going to be working until Joan comes then I’m going to take my 6 week paid maternity leave and by the end of September we should be all the way moved to Arizona. This is going to be a HUGE adventure for us.. having a baby, moving, making bread..

I’ve been working on a book that you can use for talks and things like that. It’s like a topical guide but inside all of the topics are quotes by general authorities. Example: if you were doing a talk on Faith. You can first go to the scriptures then to my book and get quotes on the topic as well. There are over 175 topics – it takes up two HUGE binders. Its very user friendly because everything is in alphabetically organized. Its taken a long time to put together too.

Friday, June 20, 2008

House Fire! YIKES!!

I guess last night my family's house caught on fire!! everyone’s ok but wow.. here is what John just wrote to me..

We're getting new carpet (finally) and so Tami was doing some painting so she could get it done and not have to worry about getting paint on the new carpet. Anyhow, she left a pile of rags covered in varnish on the floor in our bathroom. At 12:15 am there was a big explosion in there because the rags had spontaneously combusted and the fire caused a can of hair mousse to explode. So I jumped up to see what it was and the bathroom was on fire. I put it out with the hose from the shower but almost was overcome with smoke Luke called 911 and the firemen came and verified that the fire was out and not in the walls and blew most of the smoke out. Anyhow, so this morning I was singing "Tami started the fire" To the tune of "Ryan started the fire" from the Office LOL But if the mousse hadn't exploded we wouldn't have woken up in time. The bathroom door was closed so the smoke alarms wouldn't have gone off until that whole part of the house was in flames.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Loriel's Birthday

Well, tomorrow is Loriel's birthday...time sure has flown since last year! And lot's of changes. We're pretty excited to celebrate on Saturday. Loriel and I both have it off (a pretty rare occurrence -- I've only had 3 Saturdays off since we've known each other. Our plan is to go see a movie, do some family history work, and have all the fun we can together. It's definitely been a great year!

I really like this wedding day pic

This was the BEST day of my life!

here are some more engagement pics

These are my favorite kind of flowers EVER!! Gerber daisies

here are some engagement pics

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Link to see Baby Joan in my tummy

our wedding day

So this is me and Sean on our wedding day September 24, 2007