Monday, July 28, 2008

SEAN GOT A JOB!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Sean got a job!!! About a week before Sean came down here he was searching online looking at all the districts in the valley – there was nothing to be found.. There was a school district up in Goodyear that had nothing posted but Sean felt that he was supposed to call them anyway. He wrestled back in forth with him self saying that there is nothing posted I’m not going to call as ask about something that was clearly not there. So he called and left a voice mail. No one ever called him back. So Sean had been crazy busy filling out applications everywhere.. grocery stores and anywhere that was hiring. It was becoming really discouraging! But we knew that we were promised that Sean would get a job. So on July 23 (Wednesday) there was still no job in site but then around 5:30 or so that night he gets a call from the school district down in Goodyear, they said, “Sorry that I’ve never gotten back to you until now but are you still looking for a job?” Sean of course said yes. She said that she would pass his contact information on to the principal and he’ll call to set up the interview and for Sean to go online and officially apply. We hadn’t heard anything by about 3 on Thursday so Sean called the district back to see if they got the application and to see if the principal had gotten his information. About 2 hours later Sean gets the call for an interview at 9 for the next morning. Also, Goodyear is about 40 miles away.. so he had to leave at 7 because he didn’t know how rush hour was going to be. The interview was over about 11 and he came home and 20 min later he gets a call from the district offering him the job! He is going to be teaching 2D art and ESL (English as a second language). They started him out with 5 years experience so his salary is amazing and so is the insurance!! Today is his first day… they’re going over district policies with all of the new teachers. This job was handed to us on a silver platter! When the Lord promises something and you do your part He will keep His part of the promise. With Sean having this job there will be no need for me to even think about having to go to work. I can be at home, where I’m supposed to be, with our children.

This is actually an entry that I mean to post on 7/22/08

I wanted to tell you all of the amazing blessings that have happened since we decided to follow the spirit and move down here.

1) We were looking at plane tickets for me to fly down to Arizona but everything that we were finding was $175+!! It really stressed us both out – thinking how in the world are we going to be able to afford that plus the expense of actually moving all of our worldly possessions down. We decided to sleep on it to know if we’re supposed to buy that one or what. That night I kept having the thought come to me to look at Tuesday July 8th rather then the other days that we were checking out. So, the next morning we got up and did just that. It was only $72!!! With taxes and all of that jazz it only cost us $88! We saved over $100!!
2) Steve, our landlord, is letting us out of our contract and still is going to give us our deposit back as long as they can have it rented out by the 1st of August but Linda, Steve’s wife, said that she doesn’t think that there should be any problem – they’ve already have a lot of people wanting it.
3) We were able to pack and bring everything down here. The only things that we had to part with were the two couches and the computer desk… all together they cost us a wopping $50 so all in all it was not a big deal.
4) I found a dr down here that accepts my insurance! And so does the hospital that’s right down the road that’s a state of the art facility.
5) We at least have my income still and 6 weeks postpartum at 100% so we at least don’t have to worry about money coming in so it gives us some time until Sean lands a job which I’m not worried about at all because we were told that he would so I’m putting my trust in the Lord.
6) So far Joan is a healthy bun still in the oven.
7) The day before day before everyone was driving up here with all of ur stuff it rained which made things a 100% betting! Sean couldn’t use his A/C because it was to much extra work for his engine along with pulling a tailor. Not once did his truck over heat but when they got here we noticed that the his mud flap by the tail pipe was all melted which meant that there really was no way that his truck should have made it here. So with the rain cooling things off Sean was able to have his windows rolled down for nice really cool air (he said that it was in the high 60’s and low 70’s). By the way if you did not know Sean’s truck is a 94.
8) Every vehicle did AMAZING on gas mileage!! My car got 40 mpg – usually gets an average of about 33-35 max on the highway. Sean’s truck gets 20 mpg usual 13-15 mpg. Logan’s truck got 30 mpg – usual is about 25 mpg. The Lord was defiantly watching out for them on that trip!!

There have been so many blessings poured out to us for moving down here that I can not think of them all right now.