Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We might be buying a house!!!

Ok some amazing things have happened where we're going to be 100% debt free by the end of the month!! No more credit card debts, no more car loan debts WE'RE HOME FREE!!! So instead of moving into the apartments next month when they're finished being built we're looking into buying our very own house!! We want to be smart buyers so right now we're doing our research on what we need to know... We haven't decided 100% either way but what an option that a lot of people dont have just one year after they're married. How blessed we are!!

Joan has expensive taste!!

Ok so for the last few weeks its been really difficult especially for Joan. She had been having colic systems... She had so much gas that she would crunch up her legs and cry bloody murder if she were moved. There was also spitting up all of the time even with the meds that the doctor gave her... yes babies do spit up but there is a fine line where its the normal amount or an excess. Her face was also always red but we didn't put all of the symptoms together until we went back to the doctor. We first tried switching her food from the soy to gentle ease and that too made her really sick so we went back to the doctor and turns out that Joan has food allergies (we already knew that because she was allergic to my milk) so she's now on Similac Alimentum hypoallergenic formula. Its $25 for a 14 oz can that last about 3-4 days!! But its worth it, she's doing so much better - her rash on her face is completely gone and she now is a happy baby!! :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're going to the TEMPLE! and Joan slept through the night!!

Ok so we met with our bishop this past Sunday and he said there shouldn't be any problem with us going to the Temple!! He isn't sure if we have to wait exactly until October 22 to be back in full fellowshipment which is when we had our councils last year or if we can do it sooner. He said that in the manual it says about a year, maybe they were just extra strict in happy valley to discourage people from messing up and then only having to wait to go to the Temple a few short months later. So we don't have a date yet but we're looking at October 25th or November 1st to get sealed if we get the ok that way on Sunday, November 2nd Sean can bless Joan at church. It will most likely be November 1st that way the people that are coming from out of town can attend both. We want to be sealed before Sean blesses Joan. We're very excited!!! Its been a really LONG year and we really just want to go a head and put everything behind us. OH and Joan slept through the night!! That was the first!! She went to bed around 11 last night and slept till 5 then went back to sleep at 7:20ish and she's still down for the count and its 10:10!!! Sleep makes me VERY happy!