Monday, December 22, 2008

Our crazy weekend and more

Well on Friday it was Sean's last day for this semester and now he's on his 2 week break with me! HOORAY!!!! I love having him around! I cant wait 'till summer! On Saturday we went to the doctor for Sean's ear infection that he let go on for almost 2 weeks, they said it was 50-75% swollen shut!! They gave him some ear drops and sent us on our way. We then went over to Erin’s house (Sean’s sister) and made gingerbread houses. It was WAY fun!! I had never made one before so it was really neat to be able to make one of my own. We then went to church on Sunday and talked with the bishop and found out that everything is on track and that all of our records are getting sorted out. The date that we’ve set for us to go to the Temple is March 20th. I cant wait!! That date gives our records plenty of time to get sorted out and fixed… Along the way our records were lost… long story!... Then Joan let us take a 2 ½ hour nap! Can you believe that? I don’t remember the last time I was able to take a nap. A nice LONG nap. When we woke Sean’s ear was killing him so after a few hours it looked 100xs worst. His face was really swollen and his ear appeared to be all the way swollen shut. I finally convinced him that he needed to go back to the doctor so we did. We got there and the doctor on the duty said that he had never seen anything like his ear before because it was just so badly swollen and infected. The doctor on Saturday said that there wasn’t any infection behind the eardrum but the new doctor wasn’t so sure and now that it was totally swollen shut there was no way for the medication to get into the ear. So we got referred on to the ER for Sean to have some blood work done and a CT scan to see if the infection had reached his mastoid bone. Everything came back normal thank goodness because the only way to treat a bone infection is by having intravenous antibiotics administered for an extended amount of time. And with Sean having deadly allergies to penicillin and codeine that puts a damper on the medications that he can take because almost everything is in the family of one or the other. So we got back to the house at 1 in the morning. Thankfully Sean’s parents were able to watch Joan. Then today Sean and I went to sign the papers for our house. Now the sellers bank needs to sign and then they’ll hand us the keys. The guy said it should only be 3 days. But with Christmas being this week it will most likely be next Monday that we get the keys and we’ll be in before New Years!!! We are very excited! As for Joan she now has 2 teeth. Can you believe that? She is only 4 months old! My mom is coming for a week starting on January 6th. We are very excited about that!! I never wrote about it but the day after Thanksgiving my dad was in town and he was able to meet Joan for the first time. He got her a bear that she LOVES!! Every time she sees it she smiles and gets all happy. I’m glad that she is a happy baby and she’s ours!! Well that’s all for right now have a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Joan's first tooth broke through yesterday! Its was really crazy because she's always (since day one) loved to suck on her fingers and chew on them and she even loves to chew on other people's fingers too so watch out... she was chewing/sucking on mine all day yesterday and I didn't feel a tooth but last night she was sucking on Sean's finger and he was like there's a tooth!! I didn't believe him so I checked and there it was. he he he It was really exciting!! She'll be 4 months old on 12/20 so in just a few days. we took her to the doctor last week because we thought she had an ear infection because she's just been so fussy none stop - there's was no infection thank goodness and we were told that it was just a head cold (which was highly likely because Sean and I both were sick with one). we also asked could she be teething and she said that Joan was too young for the normal teething stage but I guess not. We weighed her while we were there and she weighed 13 lb 11 oz!! Just under 14 pounds. She's been eating rice now mixed in her milk for about 2 weeks because the formula just wasn't filling her up enough and that seems to have done the trick at least for a while.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To tour our house..

The video was too large to load onto our blog but you can still check it out.... here's the link