Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello to all

Well here's the update... All is well in the land of the Smith house hold. Everything is almost fully in order for Franklin to come on Saturday. Joan is getting into a routine finally!! She has started sitting up by her self lately. It is really amazing how fast she is growing! On the 16th of Feb she has her Dr appt to get her 6 month shots and to get an ultrasound of her right hand done. They took an x-ray of the bump on her palm when she was 4 months (its been there since birth but has gotten a little bigger we think) but nothing showed up meaning only that it was not bone. It does not seem to bother her one bit but we would like the piece of mind of knowing what it is. But any who, thats whats going on with her hand. She has started to love to try to talk, although she is extremly shy! If you try to get her to do it she wont or if you look at her while shes making noises she will abruptly stop. She is a hoot!! Well she just woke from her nap catcha laters.

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