Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How things are going...

Well today I took Joan to get the ultrasound done.. It went good, well sort of... Right when the lady touched her hand she started screaming bloody murder! She has NEVER been like that with anyone. After about a minute of this nonsense I noticed the lady had some shinny bracelets so I got Joan's attention and showed her. The lady was kind enough to take one off and let Joan play with it. She sat there and let the lady put the warm jelly on her hand and look with her machine. I'm not sure if the lady knew what it was for sure but she called it a cyst. I'll wait to hear from the doctor to know for sure. But it now has a name, even if it is a tentative name.

Puppy training is going great! Franklin is so incredibly intelligent!! He is catching on with the house training and some basic commands. He has a vet appointment on February 21st. We love him and all of the goofy things that he does!

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