Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whats going on:

Okay so there haven't been any real post for a LONG time! Sorry about that. Here's the run down of what's going on in our lives.

Well at the end of last month Sean, Joan and I were able to go to the Temple and be sealed for all time and eternity!! What a blessing that is! So this is how it worked: My family flew in on Friday morning and I had to pick them up at the airport. Sean didn't get out of school until 11 (he got someone to cover some of his other classes he teaches) and since I had our car down in Mesa he had to barrow my Grandma Betty's extra car. I received my endowment that day at at 3:30. It was a really LONG day! Then on Saturday Sean had a all day long test he had to take called an AEPA test. This test is crucial because you have to pass it in order to teach school. (we get the results tomorrow at 5). The test wasn't over until 4 and our sealing was at 5:30. It was more than hour drive for him with rush hour and he still made it on time and stopped an got me flowers! After that Sean, Sarah, Jason, Joan and I all went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants called Rigatony's. It was really yummy! Then on Sunday Joan got blessed during church. It was really special and sweet. There were some amazing things said in her blessing and it was just a really sweet moment for us. What a busy but beautiful weekend.

Sean gets off for summer in just a little over 3 weeks! He applied to work as a summer school teacher but we wont know if he got it for a while. Sean has to take about 21 credit hours of class this summer too!

We're planning a trip to Sea World at the end of July! I am so excited! I've only ever been to Sea World when its been really bad weather as far as I can remember. So yeah for Sea World!!!!

The Smith family is planning a camping trip at the beginning of June. We're planning on going for a day or so but Sean needs to work on school (his job depends on it) and we dont have any camping gear and I really dont want to camp with a baby.. just doesn't sound that appealing. But like I said we might go up for a day.

Also, my older brother Richard is getting out of the service next month and will be staying with us for a few months. Its going to be really fun having him around.


Taylor said...

How exciting for you guys! I'm super happy to hear that things are going so well for ya.

benandcorinne said...

Absolutely love the beautiful picture of you guys at the top of your blog. I hope you receive many blessings from being in the temple, and hopefully you can go often. It sounds like Joan works well with a bottle, so that is great for babysitters!