Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The kittens

So we got some kittens.. Two of them. I know its difficult to believe because Sean HATES cats and I can take them or leave them. This is the story behind the cats..

We'll we thought that Joan found a scorpion so we called poison control and we were pretty freaked out! Wouldn't you be? It ended up being a beadle but cats catch bugs and spiders and all of those creepy crawly things. So they're our new pest control just in case. Always be prepared right? After all thats what it says on the Lion King movie. Franklin loves them!! He goes and checks on them when they're meowing. The orange kitty is named Clymer and his brother is Sherman. So now we have 3 of the 8 names that signed the Declaration of Independence. Hope they dont start a revolution.

We've been taking Franklin to the dog park every night for the last few weeks and it has really helped get all of his energy out. Our dog trainer said that he is a high level energy level and the walks that we were taking him on everyday just weren't enough. Its becoming our nightly tradition. We love it and we're sure that Franklin loves it more.

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John said...

Cute kitties... personally I like kittens much better than dogs LOL. And Joan is so adorable.

I hope I get to see her before she is all grown up :(