Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Not too much is happening. So ill just write out the highlights of the last few days. 

So today we made some progress with pursuing foster care. Our agency is almost done with typing up everything. Annett came by again today, she has to come by and have to many face to face meetings to be able to submit our paperwork. She said that by the beginning of July we should have our foster license. We're really excited!! 

I sewed a couple of skirts for Joan yesterday. One is really heinous but she's the one that picked the fabric combination and she's the one who has to wear it. But she LOVES it!! The other one is adorable. Sean's mother gave me the fabric on Sunday. Here's a photo of it. 

Anyways that's about all that's going on. Tomorrow Joan and I are going to the library for story time so that should be fun. 

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