Friday, May 10, 2013

So here we are May 2013

Well my last post was back in June 2009 and a lot has happened since so let me fill you in. 

Lets see what can I say about Sean besides that he seriously is the most amazing person that I've ever known. Years ago, when I was younger and used to think of 'what my husband would be like' I never imagined that I would have been as blessed as I am. He is the best husband!! But enough of the mushy stuff right? 

Sean teaches freshmen high school English and ELL. In just 2 weeks it will be the end of his 5th year teaching. It's has been a wild roller coaster. He was able to start teaching under an emergency certificate, then for the next two years he had to attend college full time while teaching, to receive his education degree on top of the bachelors degree he already had. Those years were tough on everyone. But we all made it through it and every year with my experience under his belt it becomes a little less hectic and stressful. 

Sean has started painting again in his 'spare time'. He is using one of the spare bedrooms upstairs for his studio. Both Joan and Sean love painting together, it's their daddy /daughter time. There will be more post later about Sean's art work but right now mums the word. 

Well Joan is a goofy 4, almost 5, year old little girl. She is so amazing and is truly is one of my best friends!! In the fall she will be going to SCHOOL. When I turned in her registration papers I actually cried and that was back in March, still six months out from starting. I have no idea how I'm going to handle it when I drop her off for a whole three hours a day come August.

Joan still has her milk allergy but is slowly being able to tolerate foods that have traces of milk. Last December she received the all clear from the cardiologist from Phoenix Children's Hospital. YAY!! Her asthma has seemed to have disappeared almost all together except when she breaths in second hand smoke when out and about. 

Joan is still in love and infatuated by bugs, numbers and anything science related. She is a walking encyclopedia and most of the time I am blown away with what she says. She is starting to read and she can do simple adding and subtracting. It is so much fun to see her mind expand and learn new concepts as she explores this beautiful planet we call home. And yes I heard that line on some nature show. 

Well I ran an at home daycare for a few years then I started back at school studying speech language pathology at the local community college. I am almost finished with my associates degree, only lacking 4 classes. However this is my last semester for a while. I'm going to focus on just being the best mother I can possibly be. We are pursuing foster care / adopting and can't wait to start this journey. We just know its what we're supposed to do. 

Anyways I'll start posting more now that I have the ap on my iPad and can do it when I think of something clever to post. 

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